3432/3436 - Pneumatic Indicating Controllers for Temperature with Capillary Sensor


Pneumatic indicating controllers Series 430 are used for the automation of process and industrial plants. The controllers measure directly the controlled variable (pressure, temperature, electric or pneumatic standard signal), compare the measured value with the set point and issue a pneumatic control signal of 0.2 to 1 bar (3 to 15 psi). A supply pressure of 1.4 bar ± 0.1 bar (20 psi± 1.5 psi) or an operating pressure of 2 to 12 bar (30 to180 psi) is required.

The modular controllers represent a complete automation package consisting of a controller station, a controller module suitable for the respective task, and, if necessary, a transmitter module as well as other additional equipment. Thus, only one indicating controller and one control valve are needed to set up a pressure or a
temperature control loop.

  • Rozsah měřené hodnoty: -40 až +300°C
  • Výstupní signál: 0,2 až 1,0 bar
  • Typy regulace: P, PI, PID, PD, P/PI, PD/PID
  • Napájecí tlak: 1.4bar ± 0.1bar (20 ± 1.5 psi)
  • Varianty: koncové spínače, ruční přepínání

მწარმოებელი: SAMSON

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Information sheet - Series 430T7030EN
Mounting and Operating InstructionsEB7030EN

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