The TROVIS 6616 Web Terminal is used in conjunction with the TROVIS 6610 CPU Module and is suitable for mounting in switching cabinet panels. A web terminal is designed to display and manage all the relevant data of a building automation system.

Its main features are a fully graphical display with 7” widescreen LED-TFT monitor and capacitive touch screen.

  • Displej: širokoúhlý - 7“ LED-TFT
  • Rozlišení displeje: 800 x 480 pixelů
  • Napájení: 24 V DC nebo přes Ethernet (PoE)
  • Přípustná okolní teplota: 0 až 50 °C

მწარმოებელი: SAMSON

შესაბამისი დოკუმენტები
Datasheet - DINT6616EN
Mounting and operating instructions - DINEB6616EN

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