reliable solutions for technically challenging processes

In our three decades in the field we have learned many things and learned many lessons. Our work is honest and reliable, and offers the highest quality products on the global market. We capitalize on our own extensive networks in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Core services

Design and supply of technological elements

Design and supply of technological elements

We design fittings and technical parts. We provide engineering, deliver, and supervised assembly within the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republics. We organize trainings and seminars.

Service work

Service work

We offer authorized servicing services carried out by experienced technicians. Servicing is provided in our workshops in Prague and Žilina or right at the customer location.


From the beginning of our operations we are the exclusive representative of the manufacturer Samson, which represents the peak of quality in regulation equipment. We even represented this company, founded in 1907, in the former Czechoslovakia as DLOUHÝ I.T.A.. Today Samson is the brand of the entire concern, with registered office in Frankfurt, Germany. It employs four thousand workers and has ten subsidiaries with their own production programs.


One of the highest quality global producers of an entire range of oil, gas, and combination burners, we concentrate primarily on higher output scales with delivery for electrical and gas power plants, as well as special operations. Elco originated as a Swiss brand with an 80-year tradition and currently belongs to the Ariston concern.

Industrial sectors