Servicing, maintenance, and assembly

Invest in maintenance and control. You will save on your investments.

We provide all servicing work associated with the fittings and burners we deliver. We perform reconstruction and maintenance of fittings. As part of our prophylactic inspections we focus on preventive maintenance and thereby the protection of entire systems and technologies. We measure burner emissions and set their values.

Our Service

Design and supply of technological elements

Design and supply of technological elements

We design fittings and technical parts.
We provide engineering, deliver, and supervised assembly within the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republics.
We organize training and seminars.

Service work

Service work

The features of the fittings we provide include their long lifespan, low failure rates, and high quality of production and materials and experience used. This is accompanied by authorized servicing services carried out by experienced technicians. Servicing is provided in our workshops in Prague and Žilina or right at the customer location.

We carry out servicing at the customer's place of business and at our workshops. We perform complicated repairs and maintenance to fittings accompanied by subsequent testing in Frankfurt. We provide service not only in the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republics, but in neighboring states as well. Repairs at remote locations are performed using the network of Samson or Elco branch offices.
We provide training and offer technical assistance and consultation.
Expert assembly and supervised assembly.
Continuous emergency service.
Liquidation and disposal of unsalvageable fittings.

We control industrial processes

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