Energy and HVAC

For over thirty years, our company DLOUHY TECHNOLOGY has been involved in the construction and
environmental optimization of energy sources. We undertake both the supply of individual
technological components (direct representation of German manufacturers Elco and Samson) and
turnkey projects - from feasibility studies and project documentation to commissioning.

As a supplier of hot water, oil, and steam boilers, we provide sources for the combustion of various fuel types. Within our scope of work, we address the integration of energy with the environment. Environmental optimization is primarily achieved through the substitution of solid fuels with liquid or gaseous alternatives, combustion adjustments, reduction of solid emissions, and the reduction of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. The unique low-emission technology of Elco aids us in significant decarbonization, both in standard and combined burner configurations for various fuels.
We also offer hydrogen or biomass combustion, including the establishment of the necessary infrastructure.
For administrative buildings and industrial facilities with high heat loss, we offer heating and cooling, with optional hot water heating, using heat pumps in combination with photovoltaics. Substantial cost savings coupled with meeting increasingly stringent environmental requirements are current trends that our company, DLOUHY TECHNOLOGY, addresses by tailoring specific solutions.