30 years of history. 30 years of reliable service.


We have been delivering of technical elements for energy and challenging industrial processes on the Czech and Slovak markets since 1990. Our activities are based on exclusive representation of the oldest global manufacturer of regulation equipment, Samson, and representing the leading producer of gas, oil, and combined burners, Elco. Our thirty years of operation in the Czech and Slovak market, along with our experienced team of personnel and our extensive design and servicing centers in Prague and Žilina, offer a guarantee of services provided without fail and products delivered of the highest quality. Apart from our own delivery of products and technologies, we offer the development of technical studies, design activities, technology proposals, delivery of replacement parts, assembly and servicing activities, both warranty and post-warranty.



DLOUHY TECHNOLOGY has experienced three significant milestones throughout its existence.  In 1999 DLOUHÝ I.T.A. was established in Slovakia as an independent entity.  In 2008, the existing company was divided into two independent companies devoted to different areas of operation. Libor Dlouhý – DLOUHÝ I.T.A. focused on execution of investment units, while DLOUHÝ I.T.A. CZ continued to work in the area of regulation and valve elements in challenging technical processes. The stable position of the company on the market, along with the expansion of personnel, led in 2018 to another significant change in the history of the company. The registered office of the company was moved to more suitable spaces in the near vicinity and the name of the company was changed to DLOUHY TECHNOLOGY.

We know what we’re doing. In the past three decades we have proven as much on many assignments.
Have no fear that we’ll handle yours as well.

We try to do our work as well as possible, and the history of our operations serve as proof that we have succeeded.
Nonetheless, if you ever have the feeling that we could improve in anything, we will be grateful for the opportunity. My vision is for us to work without ever making a mistake, but sometimes they are unavoidable.
When we know about them, we can learn from them.

Alexandr Dlouhý

We control industrial processes

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