Series ELCO NEXTRON monoblock burners represent an unique technical design especially with a very low noise and emissions. The innovative burner body design allows integrated switch cabinet, power controller and/or frequency convertor.

NEXTRON N6 to N9 G (390 kW to 11200 kW) - gas
NEXTRON N6 to N9 GL (250 kW to 9 570 kW) - dual fuel
NEXTRON N6 to N9 L (360 kW to 10 620 kW) - light oil

Features & Benefits of ELCO NEXTRON series

- gun design
- a special low noise body design
- an extended power range
- a modular system of integrated switch cabinet
- a wide choice of power operation control
- easy access to the inner combustion parts (RTC system)
- an intuitive and interactive communication system
- very Low NOx emissions
- a tailor-made solution and an outstanding technology


Low NOx version:
NEXTRON G:                          class 3 (NOx < 80 mg NOx/kWh)
NEXTRON GL:                        class 3
NEXTRON L:                           class 3 (NOx < 120 mg NOx/kWh)