The Type 3381 Downstream Silencer provides noise attenuation by acting as a fixed restriction. The silencer system introduces back pressure downstream of the valve that raises the pressure of the medium flow at the valve outlet, thus allowing the 3381 silencer to provide the final process pressure reduction to the system.

As a result of this additional pressure reduction stage, the sound pressure level is reduced. In applications using compressible media, it also lowers the flow velocity at the valve outlet.

  • Nominal diameters: DN40 to DN800 ( 1/2" to 32")
  • Pressure classes: PN10 to PN400 (Class 150 to 2500)
  • Materials: Forged Steel, Forged Stainless Steel
  • Temperature range: -50 to +400 °C (- 58 to +750°F)

Manufactorer: SAMSON

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