Heating and District Heating Controllers for HVAC Systems

TROVIS 5579 - Heating and disctrict heating controller


The type TROVIS 5579 Heating and District Heating Controller is designed for use in plants and applications for HVAC systems. The heating controller is used to control a maximum of three control circuits. To control more circuits, several controllers can be linked by a device bus. The controller can communicate with up to six heat meters using the retrofittable meter bus plug-in module.

The Heating and District Heating Controller is adapted to the specific system by setting the appropriate system code number. To select the code number, refer to the system schematics described in the accompanying mounting and operating instructions.

  • Inputs: 17x configurable (Pt 1000/Pt 100/TC/NTC/binary/4÷20mA)
  • Outputs: 3x three-step, 3x on/off, 5x pump output, 2x 0÷10
  • Supply: 165 to 250 V, 48 to 62 Hz
  • Permissible ambient temperature: 0 to 40 °C

Manufactorer: SAMSON

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