Butterfly valves

14e - Centric butterfly valve of stainless steel


The Pfeiffer BR14e centric control butterfly valve is designed for general service applications up to the limits of the PN16 pressure class rating. It is especially suitable for fluids, vaporous and qaseous medium and for high requirements in chemical plants.

The Pfeiffer BR14e control butterfly valve has standard options such as low and high temperature version. The Pfeiffer BR14e can be assembled with a pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic actuator also offered by the SAMSON Group to complete the control valve construction. These control valves are designed according to the modular assembly principle, can be equipped with SAMSON Group actuators and valve accessories.

  • Nominal diameters: DN50 to DN300
  • Pressure classes: PN10 to PN16
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Temperature range: -10°C to +200°C

Manufactorer: SAMSON - Pfeiffer

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