Media 5 - Differential pressure and flow meter

Media 5

The Type Media 5 is a transmitter for measuring and indicating the differential pressure or measured variables derived from it, making the valve suitable for gases or liquids. Measuring ranges are between 0 to 40 mbar and 0 to 3600 mbar. Static pressures up to 50 bar.

Optionally it can be equipped a with limit switch with three inductive alarm contacts. Measurement tasks include: liquid level measurement in pressure tanks, especially for cryogenic gases; differential pressure measurement between flow and return flow pipe; pressure drop measurement across valves and filters; and flow rate measurement according to the differential pressure method.

  • Rozsah měření: 0 až 3600 mbar
  • Max. tlak kyslíku: 50 bar
  • Materiál těla: mosaz, nerez ocel
  • Přípustná okolní teplota: –40 až +80 °C
  • Varianty: havarijní spínače

მწარმოებელი: SAMSON

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