The Type 3252 low flow threaded seat globe or angle control valve is designed for general low flow service applications up to the limits of the PN400 pressure class rating. These general low flow service applications including process events such as erosion, abrasion, cavitation, and flashing found in most process control industries.

The Type 3252 control valve has standard options such as temperature extensions, metal bellows seals, heating jacket, high performance metal sealing trim, soft sealing trim, etc. The Type 3252 can be assembled with a pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic actuator also offered by the SAMSON group to complete the control valve construction. These control valves are designed according to the modular assembly principle, can be equipped with SAMSON Group actuators and valve accessories such as positioners, limit switches, and solenoid valves.

მწარმოებელი: SAMSON

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